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Our Steam Cleaning Process
We know how to get your carpet, rugs and upholstery as clean as possible.  To achieve the best end results, we use a steam cleaning process.  This type of cleaning is proven to be far superior in its ability to lift dirt, grime, grease and numerous other stains.

Steam cleaning is the safest and preeminent method for cleaning most materials (particularly natural fibers).  We have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most delicate fabrics.  We also clean museum quality styles like prayer rugs, camel rugs and Native American rugs. If you have a problem rug or fabric, give us a call. 

At Fred Mason and Son Company we pride ourselves on making sure you, as the customer, are 100% satisfied with our work.  Your happiness is important to us, and we take every measure to ensure that the finest job is done on your rugs, carpet and upholstery.

Oriental and Area Rugs
When you hire us to clean an area rug, we pick it up and take it back to our local plant.  Unlike many other companies, we clean all rugs ourselves and don’t outsource them.  No one else can clean rugs better than us. 

We thoroughly vacuum both sides of your rug with our commercial vacs.  The back of the rug
is cleaned with our steam cleaning process while the underside of the fringe is done by hand.  After the back is complete, we turn it over and begin on the front.
The process is similar to

what we do in the house.  We wet the rug, clean the fringe by hand, and agitate the fibers of the rug to get them all in one direction
to raise soil to the surface.  Lastly, your rug goes through the steam cleaning process until we are happy with the job. Sometimes
rugs come out wonderfully the first time; for dirtier rugs, the process is repeated at no additional cost.  We want your rugs as clean
as possible.

Your rug will be hang dried with the help of dehumidifiers, heaters and fans.  Once completely dry, it is brought down and closely examined under lights specifically designed and placed to give us the best view of any potential stains.  The rug is cleaned again
if it fails our inspection.  If it passes, it’s vacuumed one last time and wrapped for the return to your house.  If you are moving or
want to store the rug, we can also wrap it in paper and plastic for travel and kept perfect until you are ready to use it.

Wall to Wall Carpeting
On the scheduled day, we will arrive promptly (at the time previously agreed upon by you) and in uniform.   We like our customers to know they are getting the best possible results – therefore, it will be my father or I who performs the cleaning.   We do not outsource our work, and be assured that your carpets will be treated with the utmost care. 

We walk the job with you to ascertain the exact sections to be cleaned, inspect any problem areas you present, and answer all your questions.  Our process begins with us moving your furniture and cleaning behind and under your pieces.  What good is getting your carpet cleaned if the whole room doesn't get done?  After replacing your furniture, we work on the rest of the room.  The carpet is gone over once with the steam cleaning process, then agitated by our commercial scrubbing machines.   Any stains on your carpet will be treated at this time.  The carpet is then cleaned once more with the steam cleaner.  This thorough process ensures that we get your carpet as clean as possible.  Finally, we walk the job with you again to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

The process for cleaning upholstery is different from cleaning rugs and carpets.  Appropriate cleaners specific to the fabric are applied.  To prevent any overspray, the room is drop clothed.  Cushions and frame are cleaned by hand with a brush and towel to pre-treat the surface areas.  Debris in, under and around the furniture is removed, then all the furniture fabric is steam cleaned.  Small sections or stains are not done by themselves because upholstery must be cleaned evenly.  After checking for any dirt or possible stains, the process is repeated if necessary.  When finished, paper is placed behind the cushions (which are left upright for more thorough drying).  It takes approximately 24 hours to completely dry.




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